Glorious Torture, Amber Crago

Massive, daunting cliffs. Huge, sweeping valleys. Epic, towering waterfalls. In 2008, Amber Crago was hiking Mauna Loa with a good friend. They had one day to do the 18 mile hike, and catch their plane that afternoon. Amber, being a photographer, wanted to stop at every corner to catch every incredible view on film; the more they walked the more and more magnificent the views became. But she couldn’t. She had to rush the hike.
Nothing is more painful for a photographer than the absolute perfect shot that they’re not allowed to capture. That, over and over again, for an entire day along with the pains of hiking non-stop in the heat, created the most beautiful hell Amber had ever experienced. She was forced to take in each spectacular scene in a second, knowing she would never be able to share it with anyone else because it was too beautiful for words.
As the day was coming to an end, the 5 foot tall, 22 year old with short, spiky hair and huge, dramatic eyes couldn’t take it any more. She picked up her feet and ran the rest of the hike for two hours straight. She ran right through the pain, and the exhaustion, the perfect shots and splendid views. She just ran, and didn’t let anything catch up to her.