About Extinct

Sarah Burke

Why Extinct?
Well, because that’s what I’m afraid of. It seems like every time you open up a magazine lately there’s at least one article on some town in the midwest that no longer has a newspaper, or another about how no one wants to read traditionally written articles anymore. There’s a lot to this, and I want to explore it first hand.

What are the differences between writing for a newspaper and writing for a blog? What is it that people prefer? What’s up with this Twitter thing, and what is it doing to our standards for immediacy? How is the way that we receive information and expect information to be presented to us influencing our society? Will newspapers and traditional journalism go Extinct? What is the future of  Journalism? 

What about the art?

I want to write. But not just about anything. I’ll be posting on the The Artistic Lifestyle in Hawaii. I want to write about some of the art that doesn’t really get written about, and some that does but deserves a different angle. Sometimes we can get bored on this island, but we shouldn’t have to.

So how does it work? 

I’m going to do this in three ways. Traditional journalistic writing, blogging, and online discussion. 

Your job is to read it, hopefully enjoy it, and afterwards maybe think about the way that each impacted you differently. Any writing that I do will be for this website only, unless stated otherwise. The Extinct section of the zine is the online discussion section. That’s where I want you to be involved. I’ll be posting email interviews that I’ve done with other people who care about the future of journalism to see what they think. I want to know what you think, too. So leaves lots of comments agreeing, disagreeing, or expressing your profound boredom with the subject. This part belongs to all of us. 



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