Keeping it Fresh

In the past few months, Fresh Cafe on Queen St. has exploded with business. I think at this point it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a new hotspot. I didn’t go by there for a while, but I started hearing about it more and more and eventually couldn’t resist. First, it was just a place for coffee. Then seemed to become the cool hang out where people met up after clubs to get that sober-me-up and get-me-home espresso. Or something. All of a sudden events started to be be held in the warehouse behind the cafe, and then boom. CW decided to host her epic birthday party there, and that was it. Fresh Cafe is everyone’s favorite place.

I was able to make it for Christa’s party and was impressed at what a perfect venue it was. The parking lot was cleared out and little tables were set up for people to mingle at. Christa projected her favorite pictures of 2009 on the outside wall of the building next door. There was room enough for a live mural, and a red carpet photo area. And that was just outside. Inside the warehouse the bar was rocking it, and the stage was the perfect size for the The Dead Beats, The Jump Offs, AND The Girlfriends, who all played that night. There was enough floor space for MB’s fashion show, and illuminated show cases lining the walls to display Ground Up artwork. Yeah, whoah. Where else could you get all that, AND coffee? Plus the people who work there are all really cool, (and have really cool bikes.)

Props for having local music for sale at the counter

Following The Party, Ground Up had an art show there as well which seemed to turn out epic, if I’ve Facebook lurked correctly. Above all this, they also hold open mics there on Sundays. I’m a huge fan of open mics, so I figured that I should probably eventually head down. That’s what I did tonight, and I’m so glad that I did. The lighting was dim, and the crowd was mellow. There were tables and chairs set up around the stage in the warehouse, and I was delighted to find that many of the open mic frequenters that I’ve come to know were filling them. The mic was being run by UH student Sebastian Hughes, who I rarely DON’T see at open mics (which is something I like.) It was very chill, even more so than at Coffee Talk, and definitely than at Ong King. The huge warehouse was filled with the cool night air and I felt like I could really get used to this spot.

So, with Fresh Cafe fulfilling my party, art show, open mic AND coffee shop needs (which are the vast majority of my needs) I gotta say I approve of it as a hotspot. Hopefully it’ll continue to be one for a while.

If you haven’t been down there yet, I suggest you find a reason and do it. 831 Queen st.


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