Month: November 2009

Down and Derby, Girl Fest 09!

IMG_8190_2If you have noticed more confident, liberated women running around town this week it’s probably due to Girl Fest 09. The festival, which aims to prevent “violence against women and girls through education and art,” has been going on all week, finishing off tomorrow. I went to the opening event last Saturday, which was a kick ass roller derby. What better way to celebrate women’s rights than with a sport full of the baddest ass women you’ve ever seen beating on each other? The answer is that there is no better way. This event, featuring the Hulagans (Home) Vs. the LA Derby Dolls (Visiting), was a total hit. (more…)


Merry Mischief in Chinatown, Hallowbaloo 2009

IMG_80802       I know that I’m a week late in this Halloween post, but I figured that you’ve already gone through the cycle of being excited to read the Halloween night reviews, reading too many, getting bored, forgetting your boredom, then started to miss them. So, here I am to satisfy your yearning to grasp on to those fleeting remnants of the Halloween spirit that is oh so quickly being replaced by those Winter Holidays that involve family and not just going insane. I feel it too. 

      This year for Hallow’s eve I headed over to Chinatown for their Hallowbaloo block party event. Multiple stages with bands and Dj booths, crazy costumes, a mechanical bull, and general chaos in the streets were promised by the large spread in the Chinatown newspaper and I must say that all were delivered. Pretty much all the downtowners were there, waiting for 10:30 pm to hit so they could strap on their $10 wrist bands that granted access to all the clubs all night. (more…)